Bret Michaels
Rock star, reality star, spokesperson, businessman, and philanthropist
Phil LoPreseti, Jr.
His vocal ability in operatic as well as popular music will amaze and impress.
Billy Gibbons
Musician, actor, hot rod customizer and perhaps best known as the lead guitarist for ZZ Top.
Ellis Hall
A quintessential performer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a 5 octave range.
Mike Addiego
Smoking hot lead guitarist with over 30 years experience in recording sessions and live performance situations.
Martin GuiGui
Accomplished pianist and Hammond B-3 organ player, Guigui lights up the ivories.
Anton Fig
Anton Fig is without doubt, South Africa's biggest drumming export
Scott Page
Killer saxophonist for recording artists such Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto.
Mike Visceglia
Mike is an in-demand session player, producer and writer.

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UFV Artists in Action

our mission’s “Unity For Vets Concert” featuring Bret Michaels “Get Your Rock On” Tour, Ellis Hall, Anton Fig, and an All-Star Band of musical greats, will fund direct aid, services and the continued development of Honor, the next generation online + mobile community for veterans, service members and their families. 



Gibson Guitar Auction
GuitarContest smlBannerJoin into our auction for two classic Gibson Guitars  that will be autographed by Unity For Vets Artists!

Wall of Heroes
VetsMiniCollageHonor a Veteran or Active Service Member by adding a photo and dedication to our Wall of Heroes - they will also be showcased on stage at the show!!
FoodBanner2Remember to bring some food to donate when you come. Click here to find out what the homeless vets can use most!

Cuba Gooding Jr. Drops By Our Concert PDF Print E-mail


CubaGoodingJrNFLRedTailsSaluteTuskegeeMYr -DHUHltl

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dr. Roscoe Brown (Tuskegee Airman) spoke at the Unity For Vets concert this past Veterans Day. Recently teamed up with Lucas Films in support of their new film Red Tails which is a story of the Tuskegee Airmen. 

Red Tails is an upcoming 2012 action drama film directed by Anthony Hemingway, from a screenplay by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder. The story, written by Ridley, is inspired by true events. George Lucas serves as the executive producer for the project. Its is based on the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African-American combat pilots during World War II, and is the first Lucas Film production since Radiolan Murders (1994) not associated with the  Indiana Jones or Star Wars franchises. This movie stars Cuba Gooding Jr., who previously starred in another movie title based on The Red Tails called The Tuskegee Airmen on HBO.

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dr. Roscoe Brown both took the stage after Senator John McCain made a proclamation for Veterans Day. Cuba spoke about the extraordinary accomplishments that veterans have and continue to make. He further spoke of his unwavering support for the men and woman who have and continue to serve our country. HonorVet and Lucas Films will continue to work together to raise funds and awareness for veterans and their families. We will keep you updated with new and exciting news surrounding this partnership.

(Click the image to watch Cuba Gooding Jr. speaking at the Unity For Vets Concert.)

Jesse and Jim Appear On Multiple National News Shows PDF Print E-mail Co-founders, Jesse Canella and Jim McCain, have been hitting the pavement in order to raise awareness to support our troops and their families. This Veterans Day, Jesse and Jim appeared on Fox & Friends, CNN, and MSNBC in order to discuss's mission and their first benefit concert - Unity For Vets.


 (Click image to watch video)

FoxJesse was on Fox & Friends at the 7:30am segment with Eric Trump and Bret Michaels. Eric was kind enough to purchase a large amount of tickets to the concert which he donated to active military members.

Eric said "I have a tremendous amount of respect for our soldiers and the sacrifices they make for this country.  Bret Michaels is a great friend of mine, so it’s truly an honor for me to donate these tickets to such brave men & women and their families so that they can enjoy an incredible performance.”




(Click image to watch video)


At 7:50am, Jim McCain and Cindy McCain went on CNN live to talk about the extraordinary accomplishments has made to date. Jim talked briefly about the struggles that his friends went through which inspired him to do something to help. Mrs. McCain then talked about the saddening struggles that the veterans and their families go through on a daily basis.

"HonorVet and what they do is remarkable because these two young men saw not only a need that wasn't being met," said Cindy McCain, "they saw a niche that they not only knew needed to be filled, but was not being filled."



(Click image to watch video)

MSNBCAt 3:30pm Jesse and Jim swung into the MSNBC studio to be interviewed on the Martin Bashir show. They both discussed the personal struggles their friends went through and how they came together to make a difference. Jim talked about the Unity For Vets concert and the reason the Marine Veterans decided to produce the show. Jesse talked briefly about's unique platform and the resources they provide. After the show a few of the producers got teared up by Jesse and Jim's stories as well as their passion to make a difference.




WBAB's Fingers Interview with Bret Michaels PDF Print E-mail

WBAB DJ and Personality Fingers Interview Bret Michaels

fingersjockpic t90

Listen in as Bret Michaels and WBAB's Fingers chat about the upcoming Unity for Vets show at the NYCB theater on Veterans Day 11-11-11 as well as his new album, TV show, guitar line and drink!

And look for Fingers at the Unity for Vets Show, where he will be announcing and conducting other honors on stage!

Go to WBAB On Demand to listen to the Interview



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